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Middle School: Discovery. Exploration. Owning Their Learning.

Middle school SmartLab HQ learning programs are carefully designed and provisioned for each grade level. Every program element—technology, classroom design, construction kits, curriculum, scope and sequence—works together to meet students where they are and take them as far as they are able.

In a middle school, our learning programs emphasize discovery and exploration. Teams of learners apply a wide range of technologies to projects as they rotate through a carefully crafted sequence of learning engagements. This ensures a broad base of foundational experiences and an ever-changing mix of ideas and inspiration.

Middle School: Discovery. Exploration. Owning Their Learning.

Our SmartLab Learning projects support learners where needed while encouraging and nurturing learner autonomy. Learners explore the underlying principles in each system of technology and build connections to core academic content. We provide tutorials, resource guides, and project ideas for every learning engagement.

Learners choose an appropriate level of challenge, apply their own interests and learning styles, and explore questions of personal relevance. With increased autonomy, learners take more responsibility for their learning.

Our Portfolio templates guide learners as they maintain daily learning journals, create project presentations, and reflect on their learning.

High School: Pursuing Advanced Knowledge. Building College and Career Connections.

In a High School SmartLab HQ, students explore topics of interest and areas of technology in greater depth. Regardless of where their interests lie, the SmartLab HQ helps them take their learning to the next level.

At this stage, learning engagements are challenging and open-ended, and often integrate multiple technologies. For these learners, their project goals  increasingly reflect real-world challenges that require a transdisciplinary academic perspective. These complex goals often require that learners extend the project cycle, which promote advanced workplace skills like project planning and time management.

High School: Pursuing Advanced Knowledge. Building College And Career Connections.

With these older learners, the Portfolio expectations increase and become more extensive, individualized, and advanced. 

This experience allows learners to make career connections—to explore real-world technologies and to identify a path for college and career success.

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