Exploring new technology at Lincoln Christian’s STEAM SmartLab in Lincoln, NE

We take you inside Lincoln Christian’s stem lab where students are exploring new technology and maybe even their future careers.

Students at Lincoln Christian line up for their school’s new STEAM Smart Lab. “There’s six spots in each of these. There are spots for every kind of student in a creative learning lab that offers lessons in science, technology, engineering, arts, math and medicine. It’s hands-on with graphic design, cameras, circuity, and of course – 3-D printing which the class clearly finds amazing. A real future of education… where educators are not just dispensing information but we are facilitators of discovery. There’s so many projects you can do in there, there’s so many possibilities”

SOT-Matt Shirley, 9th-10th Grade Teacher

“Learning about gear systems, pulley systems, 3D printing… coding all that kind of stuff,” says Tristan Replogle, 10th grade student. Tristan and his friend Jake are learning to build a crane system, using the theories of weight and force. And that’s just a start.