Step 5

Provide Long Term Support

We are committed to helping you keep your SmartLab a vibrant learning space for years to come.

You’re as much our partner as we are yours and we’re here to ensure your success. Our professional development team works to provide relevant and timely ongoing support and access to a variety of resources that assist facilitators in their continuous growth. 

You can also rely on your Customer Success Manager who will ensure you have ongoing success. Contact us to find out more.


Ongoing Professional Development

Facilitators have ongoing access to a variety of opportunities to help integrate your SmartLab Learning solution
and enhance the impact for students.

Facilitator professional development opportunities provide:  


Technical and pedagogical support as needed to guide the facilitation and longevity of the SmartLab.


Pro-active engagement to support customers to achieve ‘their’ goals for success and growth with the SmartLab and its educational philosophies.


Online courses, webinars, and guidance for advancements in technology and/or pedagogy.


Be part of a CLS Facebook Facilitators Community and LearningHub Discussion Boards to network with other facilitators and continue to grow within the SmartLab and PBL educational space.

Facilitator professional development opportunities include: 

  • SmartLab Newsletter: Receive monthly updates and articles to deepen practices around SmartLab tools and pedagogy.
  • Online Discussions: Be part of a CLS Facebook Facilitators Community and LearningHub Discussion Boards. Network with other facilitators, share ideas, get help, and hear what’s working for other facilitators across the country. 
  • Instructional Coaching: Participate in monthly personalized coaching sessions that focus on implementing effective facilitation strategies designed to increase student outcomes in the SmartLab.
  • Webinars: Join live webinars aimed to provide knowledge on a wide variety of topics and access them on-demand as a resource through LearningHub.
  • Annual SmartLab Conference: Collaborate with educators and experts across the nation and learn how to leverage your SmartLab as a valuable resource for your entire learning community.


Personalized Instructional Coaching

Implementation Support

Goal-driven conversations around implementation of the SmartLab Learning Process and practices. Consultation and collaboration to support impactful protocols and management.

Coaching Pedagogical Practices 

Align actions to goals for student and facilitator outcomes through inquiry cycles. Analyze pedagogical needs, identify and implement strategies, gather data,
and iterate.


New Facilitator
Discussion Boards 

Small-group discussions around key elements of SmartLab Learning. Ask questions of other facilitators who are on the journey. 

Ready to start planning your SmartLab?

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