NDCDE SmartLabs

What does a SmartLab HQ include?

Through a close partnership with NDCDE, our SmartLab solutions provide you with the resources and support you need for a successful project-based learning environment.

Learning Kits and Equipment

All the kits and equipment we provide have been carefully curated to support hands-on, STEAM-focused learning that engages students in relevant projects that reinforce core math and science concepts.

  • Each SmartLab HQ includes a core set of resources that support both learners and facilitators in exploring a wide range of STEAM topics.
  • SmartLab kits and equipment are grouped into mixed-grade collections called layers that foster easy approachability while allowing for extension to higher level projects.
  • We partner with recognized brands like K’NEX, VEX, and Vernier to equip each SmartLab HQ with cutting edge technology that enables meaningful learning.
  • For kits that require consumable materials or other resources, we provide accessory collections so learners can jump right into projects without searching around for extra items.

Computers and Software

Every North Dakota SmartLab HQ includes Dell All-in-One Computers configured with software needed for every SmartLab project and kit. Ongoing technical support for computer hardware and applications is included to keep your technology running.

  • The facilitator computer provides a dedicated workstation for the SmartLab teacher, giving them access to the same tools and software that students will use.
  • Your SmartLab HQ includes one computer for every two students, allowing for collaboration as learner work in pairs for each project.
  • Specialized software restores each student machine to a clean configuration with each power cycle, meaning that the student experience is consistent and reliable from class to class.
  • Computers purchased with your SmartLab HQ include a 5-year warranty that includes parts and onsite service from Dell-certified technicians.

Curriculum and Resources

Project starters for each kit, equipment, and piece of software guide students as they learn to develop solutions to problems that they identify as important to solve. Additional resources provide facilitators and learners tools for documenting and sharing their learning, managing the SmartLab materials and equipment, and developing their own projects.

  • Multiple levels for each project starter allow learners to approach unfamiliar concepts and tools with the support they need to be successful.
  • Extension opportunities are built into each project starter to engage advanced learners in making connections between SmartLab tools.
  • Facilitator resources provide guidance with planning, resource management, assessment, and technical support.
  • Ongoing access to curriculum and resources is included in the Curriculum and Support Agreement, which is renewed annually to ensure the longevity of your SmartLab HQ.

Installation and Training

Installation and training for your SmartLab HQ is provided through our partnership with NDCDE. Our team works closely with you throughout the entire process to make sure that your SmartLab is up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Delivery of your new SmartLab HQ kits and equipment is arranged at a time that works best for you.
  • Everything from the computers and software to the kits and other equipment are professionally installed and organized in your space.
  • Soon after installation is completed, your designated SmartLab Facilitator(s) and other teaching staff participate in a multi-day training program to experience the SmartLab Learning process and familiarize themselves with the tools in the lab.
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities (including our annual SmartLab conference) allow educators to enhance their teaching practice and connect with other facilitators across the country.

What Are My Next Steps?

Use the calculator below to select the options for your SmartLab HQ. We will follow up with a detailed proposal showing the complete set of deliverables for your custom solution.