Bring STEM into the classroom.

A robust mobile cart solution that brings SmartLab Learning to every room in your school. 

What is a SmartLab Rover? 

Engaging, math- and science-focused deep dives brought straight to your students on a mobile cart.

SmartLab Rovers are compact, content-filled mobile learning programs where students engage in deep explorations of math and science concepts. Each experiential, personalized, collaborative Rover includes:

SmartLab Learning Process

Our SmartLab Learning Process that empowers learners to solve problems and make decisions—both in and beyond school.

Robust Curriculum

The SmartLab Learning Hub couples our standards-aligned, project-based learning curriculum with an easy-to-use online platform. Here, students can document their learning and growth, and educators can track students’ progress.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Engaging technology that ignites your students’ imagination as they explore the ins and outs of specific topics.

SmartLab Rover helps connect complex math and science concepts to real-life experiences.

SmartLab Rover for



How can a SmartLab Rover help your school?

These ready-to-go Rovers come fully stocked with robust learning kits and standards-aligned curriculum. Plus, with in-depth professional development, learning can begin on day one.

Engage all learners.

Without the need for a dedicated space, you can bring engaging, in-depth learning to multiple classes all year long. When the Rover arrives in a class, students:

  • Are surrounded with leading-edge technologies and resources​
  • Direct their own learning as they work on open- ended engagements that support core math and science concepts
  • Are empowered to approach challenges with the creativity they need to explore and solve challenging problems

Accelerate learning.

Our team of experienced educators combine our standards-aligned supplemental curriculum with curated learning engagements that help support core math and science concepts with hands-on learning.

  • Learners are supported with open-ended, hands-on learning that keeps them engaged and excited to learn.​​
  • Educators are empowered to curate standards-aligned projects that support their student’s learning objectives.
  • Educators are trained to probe for learning to improve student academic achievement.
  • Students are empowered to self-assess and demonstrate their learning in a portfolio.

Make projects personal.

Give your students the opportunity to have sustained experiences on projects that are relevant to their interests.

  • Learners are empowered to approach projects from their own perspective, learning style, and ability.
  • Educators are equipped to support personalized learning plans with a variety of projects that support their students’ achievement.​
  • Learners have voice and choice to determine which open-ended engagement they want to pursue.

Connect the dots.

Each Rover provides your learners with the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time focusing on specific math or science concepts.

  • Learners deepen their understanding by connecting concepts they learned yesterday to the problems of today.
  • Hands-on activities and leading-edge technology help turn complex concepts into more tangible learning.
  • Through collaborative work, students solidify their knowledge and develop communication skills as they describe their learning to peers.

Hear from our happy clients.

Mark Twarogowski

“Our mission is to serve diverse learners, providing a student-centered, differentiated, and transformative education. In keeping with DA’s mission, this program provides us with the ability to individualize learning for each student, support them in areas in which they struggle, and provide challenges in areas where they excel.”

Mark Twarogowski
Head of School, Denver Academy | Private | Denver, CO
Tom Delgado

“It’s like a gymnasium for critical thinking.”

Tom Delgado
Principal, Prairie View Middle School | Public | Henderson, CO
Diana Zakhem

“It’s a robust learning environment for students that’s relevant, rigorous, tied to core academics, and aligned to standards.” 

Diana Zakhem
Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Coordinator, Englewood Schools | Public | Littleton, CO
Case Study

Going beyond STEM to teach essential skills

When the team at Jewell Houston Academy, a magnet school in Texas, looked for a STEM program, they wanted one that would not only engage students in STEM careers but could also teach conflict-resolution, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills.

Read about how the SmartLab HQ impacted both learners and enrollment.

Ready to start planning your own SmartLab?

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