SmartLab On-the-Go for Elementary Schools

Provide remote learners with challenging experiences that emphasize trial and error.

Program overview

Keep your elementary schoolers connected, no matter where their schooling takes place.

Engage remote or hybrid learners in student-led, project-based experiences that support core math and science concepts.

Support Your Academic Goals

With our research-based, student-led approach to project-based learning, even remote students are authentically engaged. Students receive a new engaging activity each week that supports the core math and science concepts they’re learning in other courses.

Enjoy a Comprehensive Solution

SmartLab On-the-Go takes the heavy lifting out of remote and blended learning. We provide dynamic, student-led, project-based curriculum, a suite of rugged and durable technology, and complementary cross-curricular books—all assembled and delivered ready to go from day one!

Keep Learners Engaged

Student engagement is core to SmartLab Learning. With On-the-Go, we provide learners with open-ended engagements that enable them to direct their own learning.


Curriculum & SmartLab Learning Hub

Our standards-aligned curriculum helps your students meet milestones.

Remote learners can access our standards-aligned, project-based curriculum online through the SmartLab Learning Hub. Here, students can document their learning and growth via their portfolio, while educators can monitor and assess their learners’ progress. 

Parent of Grade 2 student

“I love how On-the-Go encourages exploration, curiosity, engineering, design, and perseverance.” 

Parent of Grade 2 student, Lake Oswego, OR

Program Features

What do learners experience with SmartLab On-the-Go?

This robust learning program is perfect for remote, blended, or in-person learning models. And because kits can be sanitized and restocked, they can be used for an entire semester and beyond. By following the SmartLab Learning Process, students build knowledge as they follow their curiosity, no matter where they are.

Supporting Your Youngest Learners

  • Provide physical activity cards so students can engage with their learning kits without screen time.
  • Help learners make concrete connections between the physical and conceptual.
  • Support verbal reasoning as learners make connections between experiences and vocabulary words.

Supporting 3–5 Learners

  • Use self-reflection to connect experiences to the world around them.
  • Make more connections between concepts and vocabulary.
  • Gain independence while following our SmartLab Learning Process.

Ensuring Collaboration

  • On-the-Go bundles contain 18 pairs of backpacks so learners with the same backpack can collaborate.
  • Learners virtually work through the SmartLab Learning Process as they explore, set goals, and troubleshoot.
  • In-home collaboration furthers as learners take their sharing to the dinner table and discuss their experiences.

Empowering Student Voice and Choice

  • Open-ended engagements allow learners to choose their own project as they learn core math and science concepts.
  • Students direct their learning in a manner that best fits their needs and style.
  • Learners engage in self-reflection to make real-life connections between what they’re learning and what they’re doing.
White Paper

Developing hopeful and engaged students

This paper explores how increasing student autonomy and ownership through authentic learning experiences can contribute to developing hopeful, engaged, lifelong learners. Topics include:

  • What are hopefulness and engagement?
  • How can educators facilitate engaging learning experiences?
  • What is the role of student agency in developing confidence?

Why SmartLab Learning?

We inspire the extraordinary while preparing students to create future solutions.

By providing students with access to leading-edge technologies, age-appropriate professional tools, and authentic project-based learning, we ensure that today’s students will become stewards of tomorrow.


Gain in student achievement

Gain in student achievement seen through a project-based approach to learning.

Lucas Education Research


high school grads

High school grads who are ready for the rigors of STEM majors.

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Hear From Our Happy Clients

Nicole Doran

“Students learn flexibility, collaboration, how to fail with pride, and try again. The technology is amazing, but it’s the process where you see them really learn.” 

Nicole Doran
Educator, Hallinan Elementary School | Public | Lake Oswego, OR
Parent of Grade 7 student

“This is definitely something I think kids should get. I mean, I want to do this! This is what learning is.” 

Parent of Grade 7 student
New Jersey
Parent of Grade 2 student

“I love how On-the-Go encourages exploration, curiosity, engineering, design, and perseverance.” 

Parent of Grade 2 student
Lake Oswego, OR

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your curriculum standards-aligned?

Our curriculum is aligned to CCSS math, NGSS, ISTE, and more.

How much does a SmartLab On-the-Go program cost?

Each SmartLab solution is customized based on the number of students you plan to engage and which types of engagements work best for you and your students. Our representatives can help you find the best solution.

How much training do you provide?

After installing your SmartLab Learning solution, we provide your team with extensive, high-quality, research-based professional development. This way, you and your team are equipped to manage every aspect of your SmartLab.

Ready to start planning your own SmartLab?

We’re excited to hear from you. Let’s change the way your students engage with math and science–in and outside the classroom.