Grab-and-go backpacks.

Engage learners in remote and hybrid settings with activities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, media arts, and math through student-led, project-based learning.

What is SmartLab On-the-Go? 

Easy-to-grab backpacks engage learners in STEAM-focused projects, no matter where they are.

SmartLab On-the-Go is a complete STEAM learning program for hybrid or remote learning. It combines our standards-aligned math and science curriculum, authentic assessment, and project-based learning kits—all stored in grab-and-go backpacks.

Keep remote students engaged with hands-on, minds-on learning.

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How can SmartLab On-the-Go help your school?

With the face of education evolving, remote and hybrid learning may be here to stay. SmartLab On-the-Go supports this evolution by helping students gain independence as they make tangible connections to core math and science concepts.

Accelerate learning.

With up to 18 different STEAM-focused learning engagements, students can spend up to a semester diving into self-directed activities.

  • Durable On-the-Go learning kits keep students engaged in hands-on projects, where they apply math and science concepts to real-world problems.
  • Each week, learners receive a new backpack that will keep them engaged with a fresh concept for 5–7 hours.
  • Your students are excited to complete projects that impact their world.​
  • Through self-reflection, your learners connect to and authentically track their own learning processes.

Engage all learners.

Whether you have kinesthetic, auditory, or visual learners, every student can dive into these activities in ways that suit their learning style.

  • Open-ended engagements that allow learners to
    apply core math and science concepts to projects that they care about.
  • On-topic books that allow students to deepen their learning while making vocabulary connections.
  • Students gain the responsibility to lead their own learning while being supported by a trained facilitator.

Fully assembled backpacks and curriculum, ready to go.

We handle scheduling, learning kit assembly, and open-ended engagement design, so your students can begin learning math and science concepts from the very first day.

  • Choose strategies that match their learning styles and goals.
  • Identify and solve problems relevant to their interests, passions, and community needs.
  • Leverage their experiences and background knowledge to construct new meaning.

Hear from our happy clients.

Dana Giblin

“These backpacks are perfect for students with special needs as well as for students who are typically developing. The materials are hands-on, experiential, multi-sensory activities that engage our students. It’s how they learn the best.”

Dana Giblin
Director, RKS Associates Schools for Special Needs | Private | Carteret and Eatontown, NJ
Parent of Grade 5 Student

“These higher-order thinking activities are so important for my child’s mental health. During the pandemic it’s been more difficult for us to provide him with meaningful opportunities and we were grateful for this resource!”

Parent of Grade 5 Student
Parent of 2nd Grade student

“I gave them time to explore the On-the-Go kits on their own for a while. It was wonderful. They don’t have much experience with STEM and this was a great intro to get them excited.”

Parent of 2nd Grade student
Lake Oswego, OR

White Paper

How to address learning loss

Although learning loss is a difficult problem to mitigate, the real solution begins in the classroom with research-based, student-centered teaching methods that promote student engagement and true mastery of concepts. In this paper, you’ll learn how to:

  • Mitigate learning loss in the school year.
  • Mitigate learning loss in summer programs.
  • Help students view learning as an exciting, meaningful experience with real-world application.

Ready to start planning your own SmartLab?

We’re excited to hear from you. Let’s change the way your students engage with math and science–in and outside the classroom.