We’re excited to be back in person and hosting the Annual SmartLab Conference (previously AFDC)! This event allows you to connect with educators who are passionate about PBL + STEM, learn pedagogical best practices for SmartLab Facilitators, and hear what’s next for SmartLab Learning.

Three day tickets are available for $850 and space is limited.

Note:  If your school has paid all or part of your ticket cost and you have not yet received a registration code please contact us at

Conference Details


June 13-15, 2023


Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel
500 Flatiron Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80021


What Would You Like to Learn at ASC 2023?

Fill out the survey form (link below) to give us an idea about what you would like to see presented at the conference this year!

Keynote Speaker

Jorge Valenzuela, J.D., Ph.D.

Jorge Valenzuela is a well-regarded and nationally recognized performance and education coach, author, and speaker at Lifelong Learning Defined. He got his start in education and has helped countless educators improve their leadership and instructional innovation skills.

Jorge specializes in emphasizing core instruction and is a trusted deliverer of reputable professional training in team building, project-based learning, STEM pathways, and SEL integration across the curriculum. He partners with superintendents and provides professional development on behalf of ASCD, Corwin, Instructional Innovation Partners, and Solution Tree. He has authored several books and is the Lifelong Learning Defined podcast host. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter. 



Call to Presenters

We want you to share your experience with the SmartLab community. Your colleagues want to learn about:

  • Differentiating for Learners (ELL, SPED, GT, etc.)
  • Documentation of Learning and Assessment (journals, portfolios, etc.)
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Collaboration with Content/Classroom Teachers
  • Increasing Student Engagement, Ownership, and Agency
  • Manufacturing Technology (3D printing, CNC machining, laser engraving, etc.)
  • SmartLab Studio (formerly known as Student Broadcast Studio)
  • Integrating EdTech Tools
  • Technology-Specific Training

Interested in presenting at the 2023 Annual SmartLab Conference?

Interested in presenting
at the 2023 Annual
SmartLab Conference?

Sign up now by filling out a quick form using the link below.

Presentation Formats

(1.5 hrs)

“Let me involve you in how to do it”.

Discussion Panel
(45 mins)

“Let us talk about this topic.”

(45 mins)

“Let me tell you how to do it.”

Environments and Experiences
(45 mins)

“Let me show you how I did it.”

Poster Presentation
(45 mins)

“Ask me about what I did.”

Brenda Wilson

“You can learn so much from other Facilitators in your state and across the country…Coming to the conference is a great way to collaborate and hear what other [SmartLabs] are doing.”

Brenda Wilson, Jenks East Intermediate | Tulsa, OK